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Frequently Asked Questions

To register, you need to select a section and register with your email. (login and password will be sent to your email address. Also check the SPAM section) , after which you will be able to see what your business page looks like before publishing. You can make changes to your page at any time.

Each User can create one free business page. :

You can also use paid packages to create several business pages . For example, when you do translations and teach foreign languages, you can create 2 business pages: translation and courses in sections.

The business page is valid for 365 days, after which you can reconfirm it for free.

You can post your portfolio, logo, choose a page image, post links to social networks, your website and other contact information. You can also indicate your status (freelancer, part-time entrepreneur or company ), profession, skills, write about your work experience, skills, benefits, etc.

Files in .pdf .jpg .png formats are allowed. For example, you can use .png or .jpg files for your portfolio and .pdf files for your resume. The maximum upload limit for each file is 6 megabytes. :

Any new page created is checked. It usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to validate the page. After the validation, you will receive an email when your business page is published. 

ARM Digital platform advertises free business pages in the following countries: Armenia , USA, Canada, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Belarus. , Ukraine, Russia and Georgia .

Um eine verifizierte Seitenmarkierung zu erhalten, müssen Sie uns ein beliebiges Dokument schicken, das die auf Ihrer Seite ausgefüllten Informationen bestätigt. Sie können es an die Verifizierungsseite senden.

You can receive emails to the email address associated with your website account.

Promoting the website requires some additional funding or support for advertising on the site (posting site URL descriptions on social networks, blogs, news sites, and other places). The site allows professionals and employers to find each other on a single digital platform .