Business page creation and promotion

ARM Digital digital platform provides free creation and promotion of business pages for finding partners in Armenia and abroad.

Creating an effective business page

A company page is an image of your business where the employer needs to see your benefits, skills, interests, work experience, etc.

Lack of description on business pages has a negative impact on the employer offering you a job, because the employer may simply not view your business page.

Բիզնես էջի ստեղծում , բիզնես էջի առաջխաղացում

How do I create a business page?

Choose a unique name for your business page, add your logo (you can create one for free on Canva), add a page image, fill in the description, insert your resume, portfolio, etc.

Բիզնես էջի ստեղծում , բիզնես էջի առաջխաղացում

Promoting a business page

Improve the position of your company page in the website search engine by getting new ratings and reviews on your company page. You can also use promotional packages

Any business page can be shared on other websites by using a link to that page. You can also share this page on social media.

How do I find my business page on Google?

Your business page may also appear in Google search engine, if you create it correctly, get a lot of views and ratings. Choose an Armenian page title, fill in a description - at least 6 lines . The title of your business page will be the keyword for searching in the Google search engine.

All Latin names are highly competitive.

Forming a new team

Find new partners, create your team.